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Joy Wieder

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It was not a fair day the first time I saw the white rabbit dashing about, as Charlie recorded, but rather it was cool and cloudy with tiny droplets of rain splashing into the jolly river. The white rabbit skidded and slipped on the wet grass as it ran past me, muttering to itself and checking the time on its pocket watch. Of course, I ran after it, to hear what the poor sodden thing was mumbling – something about being late. I had no intention of following the fool thing into its den, but I slipped in the mud and went bottom first down the rabbit hole – a very compromising position, I must confess!

I fell for what seemed an eternity and finally landed with a thud, getting a very nasty bruise on my rump. I stood to smooth out the wrinkles in my pinafore when I spied the white rabbit dashing through a very small door to the left. It was a tight fit but I squeezed myself through the opening, wriggling on my belly and pulling myself through the diminutive doorway. Luckily I was a small girl at the time.

I could not believe what lay beyond the door – a world of wonder! A world of glass flowers and sparkling trees that made a melodious tinkling sound in the breeze. In fact the entire place created a most harmonious music, as if each blade of grass and buzzing bee were instruments in a wondrous symphony. But not everything down the rabbit hole was harmonious. There was a dark cloud on the horizon that was blowing closer and closer. The air turned chillier as a stiff wind blew through the trees, tearing the sparkling leaves from the branches and swirling them about my head. The bees stopped buzzing and the birds stopped singing. An eerie quiet descended upon the wonder land.

A curious cat with a giant smile poked his head out of the tall grasses. His smile turned to a frown. “Trouble is a brewin’ Little Missy,” it said. “I wouldn’t stick around these parts if I was you.” Then it ran off, chasing after the white rabbit which was disappearing over a hillock in the distance.

Before I could say Jack Sprat, the dark cloud was upon me, coming to a sudden halt. The cloud exploded in a billow of smoke and flash of light. When the smoke cleared, a most hideous creature stood next to me, its odious breath curling the very hairs of my nose.

“Hello, my dear,” it said. “Nice to eat you, I mean, nice to meet you. Won’t you sit a spell and have some tea?”

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  • Jean Bremer
    Jean Bremer over 2 years ago

    Your twist on Alice in Wonderland, makes me want to continue with your story to see what happens. Great descriptions to keep my imagination right there with Alice. I am able to see what is going on.

  • Dana Anderson
    Dana Anderson over 4 years ago

    The in depth descriptions really give the reader a picture of the world down the rabbit hole, great work!