After years of stealing and scavenging for food on the streets of Spain, orphan twins Zoe and Brook are noticed by former MI6 agent, Tylinson. Whisked away to the Hidden Agency for Talented Young Spies, in London, a.k.a. 'the H.A.T.', their various skills and talents are polished for years alongside other talented students from around the world. Then the students start disappearing from this unbreachable, unescapable facility: there one day, gone the next. Questions, system hacks, mad escapades - nothing is giving Zoe more than glimpses of the truth. Zoe wants the whole truth. Instead, the finger is pointed at her. Suddenly hunted and alone, Zoe and Brook find themselves again ripped from the known into the unknown with only each other to watch their backs.

Action Twins Spying Adventure Fighting