Lose you (R.I.P.)

I don't know how long has it been since I have been waiting for him to come to me and ask me out. I have liked him since kinder garden until now. Is estrange how I have keep only one person in mind, how I only have eyes for only one person.

It was a sunny morning, the sky blue, the regular chirrup of the birds, and a soft wind. I wore my white dress and let my hair down. I looked at myself in the mirror one last time to make sure everything was in order. I didn't want anything to go wrong today. I have been waiting for this day for so long that I was shaking with happiness and for being nervous.

I walked towards the café, where we decided to meet. I was early so I took my time to enjoy my little trip. I had a big smile in my face that I couldn't help. My happiness was so big that I wasn't able to contain. The people that walked past me, some regular faces smiled back at me others just stared at me. Everything that was on my head at that moment was him. In my mind I replayed over and over again his words, "I have something to confess, I need you, and I love you." We were having our first date today. I knew everything was so fast and we had really little time to express ourselves that we decided to meet up. I finally will be able to tell him how much I love him, how much I have long for this day to come, to feel his lips over mine, to feel his arms around me. I was looking forward for today's date. As I walk I heard the alarm going on nearby. Something must have happen in the bank or the jewelry store, a fire? Maybe a robbery? And soon I started to hear the sirens of the police cars and the ambulance but I didn't put attention to it, I wasn't going to let anything interfere with my day today.

When I finally got to the café I went in there and took a seat in my favorite spot. It was outside in the last table under the Japanese cherry tree. It was spring so the tree was full of beautiful white and pink little flowers. I order a cappuccino as I waited for him to arrive. I observed the little flowers fall with the soft breeze of the morning. I was so concentrated on them that I didn't realize when he came.

-They are beautiful, aren't they?

-oh, you are here! Sorry I didn't notice when you arrived.

-Seems you are still the same.

-What do you mean? - I asked confused.

-You still get distracted by them as you did back then.


-but when you do that you look so cute.

I felt the blood rushing to my face, I was blushing. How embarrassing.

He gently put his hand on my cheek. That made my body stiff for a few moments. I guess I wasn't ready yet. I guess I am really nervous.

-So shall we go? - He asked as he removed his hand from my cheek.

-oh... yes of course.

And with that he took my hand in his and started to lead the way. We walked towards the park and to the little lake it had. He rented a boat so we could go in there. We were in silence, but not an uncomfortable one but a really calm and warm silence. We talk from time to time a little of our childhood memories. We also walked around the park, under the cherry trees. This was my favorite spot, it has always been, doesn't matter what station of the year it is I have always found this place amazingly beautiful and comforting. I come here all the time, especially when I am feeling down. I remember back then every time something went wrong at home or I had a fight with him I always came here and sat under the biggest cherry tree in the middle of the park to cry or to be alone away from everyone.

-I remember that every time you were upset about something I always found you here sitting crying or talking to yourself. - He said this as I was having a flash back of those memories.

-Yeah, seems you remember.

-And how not to? It was fun watching you talk to yourself trying to mock my voice or your mom's. We have been friends for as long as I remember.

-You... You watched me doing that? - I asked.

-Yes, how not to? I was looking for you after all.

-oh, how embarrassing! How come you said nothing?

-I didn't want you to get mad at me and I really enjoyed the show, how can I give that up?

He smiled at me and took my hand and led me to a bench near the street. At the other side of the street there was an old man selling ice-cream. There was also someone parked almost in front of the bench I could hear that he was listening to news on the radio.

-Wait for me I will get you one, chocolate and vanilla right? - He asked and I smiled at him and nodded with my head.

I saw him crossing the street and wait for his turn to order. There were a couple with their three kids, or at least that's what I am assuming. And then a thought of me and him forming a family came to my mind. This made me blush. I think am going to fast with my thoughts. I haven't really talk to him about it, about how I really feel about him. I haven't told him how much I love him.

I looked at him to notice he was also looking back at me. He smiled and waved his hand. I smiled back at him.

He then looked back at the old man who was calling for him. He looked back at me and smiled and he said something, I tried to read his lips and it seems he said "he is calling me I better hurry, be there in a few." I smiled at him and said "okay".

As I looked at him while he was ordering our ice-cream something caught my attention. The sound of the sirens and cars rushing where heard nearby. Also the news the man was listening to in the car made me jump up and get closer to the car so I could be able to hear.

-Do you mind if I listen to them too? - I Asked.

-Yes, sure no problem. - He said as he turned the volume up.

"The robbers of the jewelry are still on the loose. It seems the police is having a hard time trying to catch them. There have been three accidents during this chase, thankfully only two people resulted with minor injuries. Please be careful if you are on the streets right now, especially if you are near the park, between Main Street and St. Mary Avenue..."

I quickly looked at the signs and there it was Main Street and St. Mary Avenue. Then everything made sense. All the noise nearby was the robbers and the police and they were heading towards our direction.

They were already on my sight and I look to see where he was. He was paying the old man the ice-creams and starts to walk towards me. I looked at him then to the cars that were rushing to get away from the police. It seems he hasn't notice all the commotion and he looked at me with a big smile in his face and showing me the ice-cream cones.

-GO BACK!-I yelled at him.-GO BACK!

He looked puzzled and stopped. He look to his side to see the cars coming towards him. I rushed to his side and push him away. I stood there and a few seconds later one of the cars hit me. I felt my body flying and rolling in the hard concrete. I closed my eyes and opened them still trying to analyze what had just happen.

I heard the sound of cars moving away and people's whispers, in special one voice that kept on calling my name. His voice was weak and faintly but I still was able to recognize it. It was him. I couldn't see him since there was blood obstructed my sight along with my tears. Everything hurt and my conscience was fading little by little. I wanted to see him one last time and tell him I loved him. I wanted to close my eyes but I knew if I did that I wasn't going to be able to open them again. I knew I was done for.

-Please, please don't leave me not like this...-I heard him saying.

His voice was trembling and low. He was crying?

He took my body in his arms and I looked at him. His sad face made my heart ache. I am causing him so much pain. But the thought that I wasn't going to be able to tell him how I felt made my heart ache more than what it already is.


-Shhhh.... Don't talk, you will tell me when you get better for now stay calm and don't push yourself.-He said to me with a trembling voice.-Please somebody call an ambulance... please...

I heard him crying it was the first time since I know him.

-I... have...t...to... tell.... You..... I.....- I tried to speak but my voice was weak and it hurt so much trying to talk but I had to do it if I wanted him to know.

-Don't speak my dear... you will let me know when you get better.-he said.

-But... I must... I need to...

-you are weak right now, you lost so much blood, please don't push yourself they will be here soon.

-Please.... Hear me out.... It... Might be... my last chance....

-don't speak like that... you won't die... I won't let you...

His tears were coming out rushing through his cheeks a falling on my face.

I have to say it, I have to...

-I... Love...-I tried to keep going but I felt it so near.

My life was being drain out of my body the little strength I had was gone. The hand that was holding him, which I didn't notice when I got hold onto his, was letting it go. I tried to finish what I was saying but it was too late I had not strength left. I felt his warm lips over mine.

-I love you... - He said as he looked at me.

Then I felt a warm sensation in my chest. But it didn't last. A cold chill envelope my whole body and the warmth of my body was leaving me. My sight was blurry and my conscience was drifting to the darkness. The only thing I was able to do was smile one last time for him. I didn't get to tell him how much I love him but I was able to feel the warmth of his lips over mine. "I love you.... " I said in my mind. And with this thought everything went dark along with his fading voice calling for me.


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  • Ruth Zarazua
    Ruth Zarazua over 4 years ago

    That's were it ends, but i have been thinking on adding another chapter, perhaps I'll do it.