Lovino awoke to the noise of his alarm droning in the background and a dull pain in the back of his head. He groaned and stuck his face back into his pillow for a moment before moving to turn off the alarm on his phone, immediately shutting his eyes at the light that hit. The light only adding to the pressure behind his eyes. Lovino stumbled out of his bed and into the joint bathroom shared by his brother and him. He rummaged through the medicine cabinet, the cabinets, and the drawer before groaning and sitting on the floor. “Feliciano where’d you put the goddamn pain meds, I need them.” He called weakly.

    Lovino listened to the random thuds the he guessed was his brother tripping and falling out of his bed and moving around, before the door swung open. “What?” Feliciano mumbled rubbing his eyes tiredly.

    Lovino rolled his eyes, wincing at the pain the action caused. “The fucking pain meds. Where the hell are they?” He snapped

    He saw Feliciano’s eyes widen a moment as he thought. “Uh... Oh yeah.” He said “We’re out” He explained before shutting the door to his room.

    Lovino dug the heels of his hands into his eyes. “Motherfu- Nonno! Feli forgot to tell anyone about the goddamn pain medicine and I need it. Tell me you have some old man.” He shouted weakly, his voice seeming magnified by the pain.

    “No Lovi, and I definitely wouldn’t now.” Nonno called up.  

    Lovino glared at the tile floor he was sitting on. ‘Shitty old man, being an asshole not letting me get pain medicine’ “No one in this goddamn house is responsible, fuck you guys” He shouted standing up slowly, grabbing the counter as he lost balance.

    His headache had already increased greatly from the time he had woken up and it had only been about ten minutes. The pain making him want to curl up and die, his thoughts feeling like they’re hitting his head. He dressed in a ratty hoody and old jeans before pulling on his gloves and heading downstairs, swaying slightly and holding onto the railing to keep from falling.

    The light from downstairs hit his eyes and he immediately shut them and pulled the hood over his head. “You okay Lovi? You look paler than usual.” Feliciano said as he bounded up to his brother.

    Lovino winced at the noise and shook his head. “Kill me Feli, I’m dying.” he said quietly, placing his head on his brother's shoulder.

    “I don’t want to kill you, and it’s just a migraine you’ll live.” Feliciano said patting Lovino's back.

    Lovino glared and moved towards the car “I’ll be outside.” He muttered on his way out, Feliciano holding his arm and following.

    The ride to school was quiet, Feliciano and Nonno being quiet for once because of Lovino’s fucking massive migraine, and Lovino trying to get some sleep in the back seat. He winced the moment they stepped into the school building though, his brother clutching his sleeve and the crowds of teenagers creating a whole shitton of noise Lovino was not prepared or ready to deal with. He turned to the feeling of his sleeve being tugged at to see his brother glancing at him “I’m gonna go say hi to Ludwig and everyone okay! Don’t strain yourself.” He said in an excited whisper before leaving Lovino alone in the chaos of the school hallway.

    Lovino sighed and walked into the library, the quietest place he could think of in the school that wasn’t the nurse’s office and sat in the fiction section, leaning his head against the shelf of books. The peace and quiet along with the relaxing atmosphere of the library relieved some of the pain in his skull, dulling the sharp throbs. “You look pained”

    Lovino slowly opened his eyes to see a certain someone he had been avoiding kneeling in front of him. He winced at the light that hit him and closed them again. “I’m not in the mood for your flirtation act Antonio” He said.

    “First, it’s not an act I really actually like you. Second, you look really sick, I think I have something for that.” Antonio said, trailing off as Lovino heard him ruffling through his backpack.

    Lovino waved his hand, trying to ignore the fluttering the first statement invoked in his stomach “It’s fine, it’s fine. I don’t need it. Don’t worry, I’ll just hang out in here” He muttered, trying to get Antonio to give up.

    He heard Antonio make a victorious noise and the shaking of a pill bottle before he was willing to open his eyes and take a peak. There he was greeted with Antonios face in front of his and a hand over his own. “These should help with your pain.” Antonio said softly, his eyes never moving from Lovinos own.

    Lovino glanced down, to his hand, and nodded. “Ah.. thanks I guess. You didn’t, thanks.” He said before taking the pills.

    The noise of shuffling again prompted Lovino to look next to him, only to see Antonio moving to sit next to him. Lovino instinctually pulled in on himself, while Antonio seemed to be comfortable enough to move his long legs out to take up the whole aisle in between the bookshelves. “So do you ever go to class, or do you just sit in random areas all day and magically never get kicked out?” Antonio questioned.

Lovino shrugged. “I go occasionally, I mean I get the notes and assignments as early as possible and do them all at once so I just turn them in whenever. Plus I get all their scores or something so I don’t really think they give a single fuck what I do. I have A’s that’s all that matters.” He explained

“Woah that’s pretty neat, you must be a genius or something! I’m lucky to be passing even when I attend class every day!” Antonio said.

Lovino scoffed. “Maybe that’s just because you’re an idiot or something.” He said.

Antonio crossed his arms. “I gave you pain medicine, you could at least be nice to me for once.” He whined.

Lovino rolled his eyes “And your whining makes my pain worse, also technically I don’t owe you shit. You gave it to me, I didn’t ask.” He replied.

Antonio nodded. “You have a point I guess... Why do you always do that?”

Lovino looked at him confused. “Do what? Have a point? Because I’m a smart person, it’s probably a rarity to you I know.” He smirked.

Antonio shook his head. “No, that, be such an asshole to everyone.” He said.

“Because that’s how I am, nobody asked you to talk to me, you came up to me yourself. Don’t fucking try to act like I should be nice to you. Don’t like it, go away like you should’ve a long time ago.” Lovino ground out, standing a grabbing his things.

Antonio sighed “Lovino I didn’t mean it like that. I meant it like why do you push everyone out?” He explained, moving to follow the smaller boy.

“Because it’s for the best. I need to go to class.” Lovino said, moving quickly towards the door.

“I’m not giving up Lovino! I really do like you, I’ll get to know you eventually! I swear on it!” Antonio called after him.

Lovino sighed as he reached his special room, he slid down the wall and onto the floor and put his head between his knees. “Bastard stop it, stop it before I can’t take anymore and let you in. Stop before you get hurt.” He whispered to himself.


Bit 4

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  • Jess Fick
    Jess Fick over 3 years ago

    Can I start a sequel on my own?

  • Jess Fick
    Jess Fick over 3 years ago

    Oh My God! It CANNOT end there! It NEEDS more! Please!