Lovino sighed and stared at the sketch he was working on. It was only third period and he already wanted to leave. His teachers so far had all been overjoyed to have him in their class and of course readily gave him the notes for the year when he asked for them. Really it was ridiculous how they treated him specially because of the scores he gave the school, but he accepted it since it meant people would leave him alone and he could skip more.

   Finally that class ended, and Lovino jumped up to leave before everyone else. He didn't want to brush anyone, just in case he could suddenly kill people through clothing now. Usually he took the back hallways that no one knew about. He sighed and relaxed as he reached the quietness that filled the empty hallway. It was a nice change from the loud, annoying, "Hey! Lovino!"

      Lovino froze in his tracks at the sound of someone calling for him. It sounded like that boy from earlier, Antonio. How on earth did he, of all people, find the back hallways. He heard the loud sound of Antonio running towards him and started walking again. "I thought I told you to leave me alone." Lovino said quietly.

    "Yes, but we've run into eachother again by chance it must be fate cariño" Antonio said, smiling down at him.

    Warning bells went off in Lovino's head, and he froze. He couldn't allow this, Antonio couldn't flirt with him no matter how pretty his bright green eyes were and his curly hair that looked so so- no. He turned and glared at Antonio "Don't call me that" He said sternly.

     Antonio's eyes lit up "You speak Spanish!?" He exclaimed.

    Lovino rolled his eyes. "I speak a couple of languages idiot, it helps that I speak Italian as a first language." He explained in an exasperated tone.

       Antonio walked towards him "This must be fate then." He said dramatically swinging his arms.

     Lovino sped up his pace. "Or its you following me and the fact you go to a school centered around its multicultural population." He reasoned.

    Antonio kept pace with Lovino and looked at him before smiling "I really am running into you by accident, but I would like to see you not accidentally" He started, smiling as  reached to grab his arm, causing Lovino to flinch away and back up. "Don't touch me!" Lovino exclaimed.

      He could feel his breathing quickening and his body shaking. Antonio pulled his hand back, but moved a little closer. "Lovino I-" He started softly.

   Lovino shook his head and backed up "I- I have to go to class." He muttered.

      Lovino turned and ran down the hallway, towards his safe place. Antonio's calls to wait followed him until he lost him in the maze of hallways. Antonio was a new student and it was the first day, he would never find him. Lovino sighed and slowed to a walk, he was almost to the stage anyway.

    Finally he got to his room under the stage he had claimed as his own, in all the years he had been here it had never been disturbed. No one knew it existed and that's why Lovino liked it. Here he felt comfortable enough to break down, his solitude was his comfort. He reached for his headphones with shaky hands and turned on his music. Miss Murder, how appropriate he thought as he let the music soothe him.

    After about thirty minutes Lovino was calm and reading Beastly for the millionth time. "At least you can get out of your stupid curse" Lovino muttered. He actually envied Adrian,  he had to do was fall in love with someone who loved him and bam! He was better. He didn't kill people on contact, he didn't kill his mother, he was just hideous a monster on the outside. Lovino was a monster through and through, he just didn't look the part. Lovino would take beastly over deadly any fucking day.  


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