"Fratello! Wake up! Wake up fratello!"
Lovino heard by his ear. He groaned and rolled over, trying to hold onto sleep. The room went quiet and Lovino smiled to himself, but then he was greeted by a person jumping on his bed. "Wake up Lovi! We have to go to school!" He heard his brother call.
Lovino groaned and grabbed the nearest thing to throw at his brother, which happened to be a pillow. He smirked as he heard Feliciano squeak and fall over. “Not funny fratello that hurt!” Feliciano whined as he got back on his feet.
Lovino scowled into his pillow “What are you bothering me for Feli?” He grumbled.
He heard Feli make his way over to his bed again and get back on, the shifting of weight on the side letting Lovino know that he had sat down next to him. “Because, we have school. It’s the first day of high school Lovi!” Feliciano exclaimed, bouncing in place.
Lovino groaned and pulled a pillow over his face, maybe he could suffocate himself and not have to go. “Can I just stay home and say I went?” Lovino muttered.
School was the last place he wanted to be, he hated it there. Sure, he was smart and the teachers always admired him for his perfect gpa and homework average, but that’s only because he never was spending time with anyone other than his brother. He never went to the mall, he bought everything he needed online, he never spent time with friends for obvious reasons, and he actually liked learning. The only times he ever went out were really for school and when he wanted to go out into the forest by his house since no one was there ever. He was pulled out of his thoughts by his brothers whines of “Fratello you have to go, I don’t want to go to highschool alone.” Before Feliciano leaned forward and whispered “Plus I’m scared of the big kids.”
Lovino lost it, he burst out laughing and rolled off his bed, only to keep laughing after the yelp of pain from hitting the ground. “Fratello! It’s not funny! They're scary!” Feliciano whined.
Lovino tried to calm his laughter enough to talk to his brother. “I’m sorry Feli” He started “I just, I didn't think you would be scared of the older kids, they're only a couple years older than you.” He explained to his pouting brother.
Feliciano’s put morphed into a smile. “It’s okay... I got you out of bed!” He exclaimed victoriously jumping down from Lovino’s bed.
Lovino glared “Did you make that up just to get me up?” He asked
Feliciano shook his head. “I really am scared of the big kids and I don’t want to go alone.” He said matching Lovino’s gaze.
For someone who literally was the life of any social situation, Feliciano actually had pretty bad social anxiety. He would always cling to Lovino when they were in large crowds, and school was no exception. That had been one of the reasons Lovino had decided not to level up when he was offered the opportunity. Sure, he would love to get out of the school situation earlier, but he had to be there for his brother, he wouldn't leave Feliciano alone.
Lovino nodded “I know Feli, I’m up okay, tell nonno to get his ass up and start the goddamn car.” He said making his way to his closet to get dressed.
Fifteen minutes later Lovino had finished getting ready and had made his way downstairs. Nonno looked up as he reached the bottom step. “Lovi you almost take longer to get ready than Feli does.” He joked.
Lovino rolled his eyes “I don’t take nearly as long as Feli nonno, and it’s all my hair okay. It takes forever to get it to be decent.” He muttered. “Can we just go?” He asked moving towards the door.
Feliciano of course followed behind him, holding onto the back of his shirt. “Come on nonno lets go to school!” He exclaimed bouncing on his toes.
Lovino led his brother out into the august heat that wasn't heat to Lovino, even in his long sleeves, gloves and jeans. He just didn't get warm, he was always cold, which was convenient for his necessary attire.
The car ride was filled with Feliciano’s happy chattering about seeing his friends and making new friends and something about other people, Lovino didn't really make the effort to keep up with the conversation. When they reached the school Lovino could feel himself shrink back into his seat, now he wanted to have Feli’s chatter and even join in on the conversation, anything but here. He didn't want to be here. Lovino could feel the beginnings of panic as he stared at the menacing building in front of them. “Lovi let’s go” Feliciano said softly, holding Lovino’s door open.
Lovino glanced from his brother, to the school, to nonno, back to the school in a panic. Couldn't he just stay here? “Lovino, you’re going to be fine.” He heard nonno say before putting a hand on his shoulder.
Lovino instantly jumped away out of habit, it didn't matter if his skin was covered he still worried about hurting people. “Okay” He said quietly “Thanks nonno”
He took his brothers hand, the only person he couldn't hurt, and walked into the place that was hell on earth to Lovino.
They had gotten their schedules and gone into the library so Feliciano could see his friends and Lovino could get his books. Lovino had all honors classes, as usual, along with art, creative writing, and photography, the only classes he was looking forward to attending. Feli was busy comparing schedules with his friends, talking excitedly, especially with this one boy Lovino had never seen before. He glared, the guy looked like he was awe-stricken with his brother, while Feli was all googly-eyed over him, Lovino was going to have to watch that.
He huffed and walked down the row on non-fiction. All these were those stupid mainstream books that teenage girls read, Twilight, Divergent, Hunger Games, all of them seemed to have similar plots to them. He could read Beastly again, maybe some Edgar Allen Poe, or some poetry. Lovino scanned the shelves for something that jumped out at him. Finally he found the book he was looking for, he reached for it and before he knew it another hand was reaching for the book. Lovino instantly flinched away from the person, that was a close one. “Did you want this?” Lovino heard the person ask.
He looked up to meet brilliant green eyes and a boy with a beautiful face. He nodded softly “Yeah, you can have it though, I’ve read it about twenty times.” Lovino muttered looking back down.
This was bad, he found someone attractive, and in the most cliche way possible. Lovino rolled his eyes to himself. He had never seen this boy in the school meaning he was probably a transfer and didn’t know Lovino. “Wow, that’s a lot of times to read a book” The boy commented, and Lovino noticed the Spanish accent the boys voice carried.
Lovino risked a glance up to see the boy smiling at him. “Uh, yeah. I just happen to really fucking like that book, got a problem with that?” He said, glaring at him
The boy laughed “No, no problem with that amigo.” He said before he stuck out his hand. “I’m Antonio.” He said in a bright voice.
Lovino stared at his hand. What was he supposed to do? He couldn't shake it, could he? He had gloves, but what if those didn’t work? He took a step back, unconsciously pulling his hands to his chest, and looked back up at Antonio's face. “Um, I’m Lovino.” He said “And I’m not your ‘amigo’ bastardo.” He replied with a glare.
Antonio’s smile didn’t falter as he handed Lovino the book, who snatched it out of his hands. “Thanks” Lovino mumbled before turning to check it out.
“I’ll see you around Lovino!” Antonio called after him, earning many shushs from people trying to study and read.
“I seriously doubt it. I really hope you never see me again, for your sake.” He muttered under his breath as he walked away. “And for mine”

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