Life and Death. While polar opposites, they are necessary for one another. Without life there is no death, without death there is no life. They balance each other out, each has it's purpose. Lovino Vargas knew this better than anyone. For whatever reason him and his twin brother Feliciano were these things. Feliciano was life, constantly drawing people in with his happy aura. He was the thing everyone wanted, everyone looked forward too. Lovino on the other hand got the short end of the stick. He was death, and, while he had tried to make friends before, he typically avoided people. Despite the fact that this may seem like some elaborate metaphor, it's not. God did Lovino wish it was just a silly metaphor to describe their personalities or something, it would probably make his life a lot easier. At least then he could try and make himself better with people, maybe fix his attitude. No, what he is talking about is the fact they are the legitimate embodiment of those two things. He didn't  know how or why it happened to them, it just did. It's always been like this.

    When Lovino and Feliciano were younger they first noticed the things they did. It all started when Lovino touched a plant or something a the leaf wilted. Of course, Feliciano got fascinated and touched the leaf which brought the leaf back and even added life to it. As time went on the two of them discovered more things, and their energy became stronger. Lovino drained the life from anything and everything he touched, it was worse when he was emotional. Feliciano brought life back into anything and everything he touched, he was either weaker or stronger when he was emotional, depending on what emotion. The only person Lovino could properly touch was his brother. When they were kids they were inseparable, constantly clinging to one another. Feliciano was warm, he's always been warmer than Lovino. Everyone was warm to Lovino, he was just colder than most people. Again, not metaphorically, even though he was cold in attitude too, no literally. He was also fairly pale while Feliciano practically glowed. His hair was darker than Feliciano's, he was quieter than Feliciano, he was rude to people, and he could go unnoticed. A skill he was very grateful to have. Lovino tried to avoid people as much as possible, and he did everything in his power not to touch them one bit. He had made that fatal mistake once and once was one time too many.

    It had been when he was around seven, his mother still didn’t think much of the brothers abilities and he had still been able to touch people for the most part without harming them.

Lovino limped up the walkway of his home with tears streaming down his face and a hand on his knee. “Mamma” He cried holding his knee. “I got hurt”

His mother knelt down to examine her son and glanced over to his brother. “What happened Feli?” She asked

Feliciano glanced down “He fell, the tree branch died and broke” He mumbled, his eyes brimming with tears.

Their mother glanced back at Lovino “Has it been getting worse bambino?” She asked, concern filling her voice.

Lovino simply nodded, tears still streaming down his face. Feliciano looked between his mother and his twin before bursting into tears “I thought he was gonna die mama!” He cried.

His mother patted his head “Lovi is okay though Feli, he isn’t dead.” She said softly, smiling at her younger child.

She then turned to Lovino “Let’s go inside so I can patch you up, then we can make cannolis okay?”

Lovino nodded through his tears and allowed his mother to pick him up. It was unusual for him to let her carry him because of how standoffish to anyone other than his twin, but it was forgotten because of his injuries. As they were walking into the house their mother began slowing her pace, her , her rapid talk became slurred and slow and she ended up loosening her grip on Lovino before stopping completely. Confused Lovino patted her arm “Mama? Are you okay?” He asked concern filling his voice.

She slowly put him on the ground and nodded softly before grabbing his hand and resuming walking. It was only a couple seconds after that she fell on the ground. Panicking Lovino let go of his mothers hand and backed away in horror as Feliciano rushed forward to see what was wrong.  “Mama! Mama! Stai bene?” He yelled, shaking her shoulder.

“Lovi why isn’t she waking up!? What do I do!?” Feliciano cried in panic looking to his brother for help.

Lovino simply stared in horror at the scene before him. Was this because of him? But.. mama had said he was okay, that he just couldn’t touch normal people for too long. Normal people...Normal “Feli!” Lovino shouted “Use the thing.. your magic!”

Feliciano looked up in panic, tears streaming down his face “I- I don’t know how fratello. He-help me!” He sobbed holding their mothers head in his tiny lap.

Lovino looked at his brother, helpless and panicking, and tried to think. “We- We have to call for help!” Lovino said through tears. “Feli you- you try and use your magic. I- I’ll call.. for help.” He cried.

Lovino called for help, Feliciano's calls for their mother to wake up had become a static noise of sorts, it was a constant now. When he had finished calling for help Lovino went back to stand slightly behind his brother, careful not to touch anything. He wouldn’t touch anyone ever again.

Suddenly they heard their mother call out “Lovi? Lovi my bambino?”

“Mama!” Feliciano cried happily

Lovino’s head snapped towards their mother. “Yes mama?” He sniffled.

He heard her sigh softly, her breath was shallow and soft. “Lovi my precious bambino you did not do anything wrong do you understand me il mio amore” She said weakly, yet sternly.

Lovino nodded weakly “Y-yes mama, I understand.” He cried

“Feli, my little bambino where are you?” She called weakly

Felicano looked confused “I’m right here mama, you’re in my lap.” He said softly.

She somehow had managed a smile “Ah my little babmino, il mio amore, my precious one. You know you did everything right yes?” She said softly

Feliciano nodded “Yes mama! I got you to wake up after all!” He said happily.

Lovino saw her try and nod “Yes, yes you did il mio amore, you did very very good. Mama is so proud of you my precious flower.” She cried “Now I need my big boys to do something for me, can you do that?” She asked weakly.

The twins nodded “Yes mama” They said simultaneously.

She smiled “There’s my good boys. Mama wants you to stick together no matter what. Lovino you take care of your little brother. You two need each other, stay together” She said softly.

Lovino shook his head “I won’t need to take care of Feli mama, you’ll be here!” He cried “You’ll be here!”

The tears started to stream down their mothers face “Bambino you and I both know that’s not true. Now tell me you will take care of your little brother” She instructed sternly.

Lovino nodded “I will take care of Feli mama. I promise” He said, straightening his stance.

Their mother smiled “Good boy, my good strong boy. My sweet sweet angels. My adored ones.” She whispered, her eyes started to slip shut.

Feliciano’s eyes grew wide and panicked “Mama! Mama no no no! Mama! Lovi do something!” He screamed.

Lovino just stood paralyzed staring at his frantic brother trying to revive their mother. He couldn’t move, couldn’t think, couldn’t talk. This was because of him, because of the terrible thing he was.

Later, after the paramedics had gotten there and done everything they could, but revealed their mother was in fact dead, the brothers were left to pack their things. Lovino was packing for the both of them, letting Feliciano sleep. The brothers were shipped off to their nonnos house in America, they didn’t even get to stay for their mothers funeral, having to leave as soon as possible. Not being able to say their final goodbyes had bothered Lovino to no end, but he stayed strong and comforted his brother instead keeping his sadness inside. After all he didn’t have the right to be sad, it was his fault, Feli had tried to save her, Feli could be sad.

Surprising enough their nonno knew about what they could do, it appeared their mama had been telling him all the new things they could do as it was happening. Lovino immediately cringed at the fact, nonno knew what Lovino was. He surely knew it was his fault their mama died. But, instead of scolding him like the seven year old expected he pulled them into a hug. Panicked by the human contact, Lovino immediately jumped out of the hug and out of reach from his nonno.

“Do-don’t touch me!” He yelled.

He could have killed nonno. If nonno had hugged him he could have died because of Lovino, just like their mama. Nonnos face instantly softened and he took a step towards his grandson. “Lovi” He said softly.

Lovino shook his head and backed up. “Don’t come near me! Don’t touch me!” He yelled before retreating into his room.

As the years went by Lovino learned to dress with gloves, long sleeves, and jeans so he couldn’t touch anyone. Still, he avoided other people like the plague, only talking to his brother and nonno. By the time he reached his first year of highschool he had become a master at avoiding notice period. He had gained the reputation of the troubled, but brilliant kid in doing so, but now his teachers didn’t really mind when he cut class, which was often, and they seemed to barely notice when he was in class. Since the school building was an academy that started from sixth grade and went up to twelfth Lovino knew the whole school by now. He typically hid in a room under the back of the stage he had found, it wasn’t used by the theater department and no one came in there so he made it his own.

Everything in his life of avoidance and solitude was exactly as Lovino wanted it. That is, until a transfer student had to come and ruin it on the first day of freshman year.


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  • Jess Fick
    Jess Fick over 3 years ago

    This is the most exciting story I've read in a long time!

  • Myla-anne Hermary
    Myla-anne Hermary almost 5 years ago

    Wow this was a very interesting story. Please write more. :)