Bit 4

"Well, that's at least something," the Last Man on Earth said, scrubbing a hand down his face. "As pleasant as you are with your perfect smile and your positive attitude, I'd far rather see Laura on a bad day than you again on your best."

"Tsk, tsk," Harold said, pushing into the modest home the production company had provided him with. "Let's maintain our optimism, Gary," he advised. "Optimism is far more attractive."

"To our loyal viewers, or to you?"

"Ha!" Harold said, but the word was strained. 

"And just when will I see Laura?"

"At the end of the evening," Harold assured. "There is only one last task you must complete to win your woman."

"One last...? You're kidding me."

"We never kid," Harold assured. "And this last task will prove to Laura, and to every last viewer out there, that she means more to you than anything. More than life itself."

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