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L.A. Blacksmith

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Bit 2

Kyla slipped through the heavy iron doors of the station, making her way to her cluttered desk.  Easing into her large office chair, it squealed in an odd pitch, making the police officer approaching her table squint. 

“Detective, any new clues at the new site?”

Kyla let out a heavy sign, her heavy eyes followed stiff hands into her breast pocket, pulling out a camera.  The police officer reached for the camera but she pulled away.

“Take my word for it rookie, it’s worse than the others.”

The policeman turned a shade lighter as he gazed at Kyla and the small camera, now sitting dead center of a pile of folders on her desk.  Kyla spun lazily around to a wall perpendicular to her desk.  On top of unseen cork board, gruesome pictures formed a macabre mosaic.  The violence in each picture mingled into a mess, but the heavy black and red colors were enough.  Pins stabbed dead bodies and bright string formed nooses around lip heads.  The policeman moved in closer but immediately pulled back when the blur of violence became clear.

“How many were there this time?” said the Policeman.

“6 more than last time.” Kyla moved in inches from a photo, pulling a string and letting it slap the board.

The Policeman was shocked, looking again at the camera.  With hand reaching then retracting, the Policeman left Kyla to her work.

Oh the flooded board, Kyla reached to the top and pulled off a paper that simple had “6” on it.  Direct and bold, Kyla scratched the “6” out with another marker and places “24” in black marker.  

Bit 1

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