Bit 1 Introduction

It was up to her to investigate how the accident had really happened or, in her own words, the “accident”. Kyla wasn’t new to this sort of thing; she was from a small town. She knew what happened to these girls, and she was pretty sure the police chief knew as well. Kyla looked around the burned living room, and felt bored. She placed the little yellow markers with their numbers in different spots of the room and took her notes and her photographs. The fire started in the middle of the room. The girls were seated in a circle around the fire; when they were autopsied it would show they struggled a lot before being place like that.

Kyla grimaced; while she was used to scenes like this they were usually smaller. She took pictures of the necklaces placed on the girls; ceremonial, probably with herbs and other ingredients for the spell that had been cast. By the size of the offering, she guessed it was most likely multiple spells. She gathered her the evidence in individual, sterile bags, and headed back to the station.

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