Bit 1 Introduction

    As he fell, Michiel waited for the sight of the station above exploding. He wouldn’t hear it of course: there’s no sound in space. The explosion was like a wave; it started at one end of the station and spread throughout to the other end. The flying pieces made it look like it was growing bigger; it was a chain reaction; each little explosion contributed to the whole until nothing was left but debris spreading through space.

    Michiel sighed; he closed his eyes and let himself float. “I guess I’ll be up here for longer than we thought.” Michiel turned off the radio; it would just be static until the debris spread out more. Humming, he conducted the symphony of stars before him. Michiel reflected he would’ve been better off becoming a professional trumpet player than a mechanic, but his father had told him there's 'no money in music.' Michiel wasn't sure how much money he'd make if he ended up as a human raisin floating through space, but he doubted it would be more than a musician. 

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