Cold rain lashed the window, seemingly at war with the wind, which howled loudly. The man lay crumpled in a ball on his side, his hair matted to his wide face with sweat and blood. His eyes were open in horror, his expression bleak and pale. His mouth was held rigid, fear and terror making him squeal like a stuck pig.

“Nasty filth,” she had said for the fifth time. “Disgusting creatures.”

He croaked silently and hoarsely, “but I am as you are.”

She kicked his side, listening to the sickening crack of ribs. “Hardly, dirty human.”

The female circled him viciously, her eyes held rage and violence. Oh, she thought, how I hate humans. Always snickering and staring with open filthiness. Cattle, all of them. She knelt beside him, right beside his head, and withdrew her thin dagger; dark blue gems glittered over the hilt. The man moaned in pain and horror, she grinned wickedly. Oh yes, she thought, he knows what awaits him. Death.

“I will make this swift and clean, but you will not get away from your fate.” She leaned down to his ear, his whole body visibly shaking; her voice softened and came out wispy, “for I know who you are. Senior Officer Rowel, Vampire and Demon Hunter.

The female hissed and slashed the blade through the air, plunging it deep within the man’s chest. He yowled in pain. She stared into his eyes, watching the life drain out of them. Dark red blood pooled from the hole around her dagger and around his cold corpse. A savage hunger arose in her; she coughed harshly, the need nearly choking her.

She stood on staggering feet and approached the thin glass which separated her from the outside world. Her reflection greeted her grimly, as if it too, were upset or unnerved somehow. She fastened her gaze upon her mouth, two sharp pointy fangs dug viciously into her lip, drawing blood. It couldn’t be time already, could it? She closed her eyes and sighed deeply, the life of a vampire and demon – a life she wished she hadn’t needed to live.

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