Kate grabbed the tray with the beer bottle and slid down the small hallway towards Augustus's meeting room. She secretly called it a man cave but he would not approve. She could hear voices inside and new that most of her boyfriend’s friends where there even though the temper of their voices were low and secretive.


“Hey guys.” She called out as she used her hip to push the door open. Five sets of eyes turned towards her and she tried not to shiver. It was bad enough that Gus’s eyes started to undress her, but everyone else there seemed to do the same thing.


“Hey there sexy.” Augustus's deep voice held a hint of pride as he reached out and pulled her towards him, amused as Kate blushed. She sat the tray down and looked at the table. “what is that?”


There were photos of a local day care. She knew it because she drove by it every now and then when she went to pick up Gus’s dry cleaning. She noticed the map and reached out for it, but Danny, one of Gus’s meaner friends reached out and snapped her hand back.


“Hey girlie how about you make us some sandwiches to go with the beers you brought?” He smirked as he dropped her wrist. ‘we got big boy stuff to do.”


Kate frowned, why would these guys be looking at the daycare, there wasn’t a kid between any of them. “But Augustus…”


“It’s okay Katerina.” He turned her around and pushed her towards the door, his hand ghosting over her ass. “Nothing you need to worry your pretty little head over.” The other men smirked as she looked back over her shoulder. She walked out of the room and started to close the door just as her boyfriend leaned back over the table.


“Okay we put each bomb here.” Kate felt her blood start to go cold.  “With all those little animals running around one of them are bound to pick at least one up, and then.” Augustus grinned. “YOu know the rest.”


“We could use colorful wrapping paper,.” That was Tommy. “No kid can resist that. Maybe even ribbons.”


Kate gasped and everyone turned to  her. She stood with her hand on the door, her face pale. “YOu you are going to bomb a daycare.”


Augustus shrugged and started towards her, pulling her back into the room.”Baby.” He said as he leaned down towards her, his lips hard against her cheek. “It’s not really a day care, shifter kids go there.”  


“Out in public.’ Tommy made a face and shook his head. “With the normal folk.”


“We just gotta take a stand kitten.” Augustus said as he pulled her towards the table. “They can’t just come out of the woods and live with us normal people. They are freaks.”


Kate's eyes looked down and saw a sweet looking little girl with pigtails smiling up at what was either her parent or one of the teachers. She couldn’t be more that five years old. The next photo was of several older kids playing kickball. She looked up at Augustus. His eyes narrowed. “Yeah.” She nodded.


Ausguss turned a few of the photos over. “Go get those sandwiches.” Kate backed away from them and again left the room, shutting the door behind her. He heart beating. She was scared of shifters. They were so much stronger and bigger than normal people. But those were just children. Just babies and parents. Augustus was part of the anti shifter legislation, but this was so much more than just protesting.  This was not the passionate man she met on campus just protecting his rights as a human. This was bad. REally bad.


Kate made the sandwiches almost on autopilot. The images from the photos flashing before her eyes. What was she going to do? Gus would kill her if she did anything, but the babies. She arranged the sandwiches on the plate. They were laughing. Shifters still scared her, but her hand was already reaching for the phone, and dialing the number. She heard laughter down the hallway, and her stomach clenched. “Yes hi, I need to talk to someone about something important.” She shook her head as if the person at the other end of the phone could see her. “No I can’t do it over the phone.” She swallowed. “Who do I talk to about a bombing?” She shivered as suddenly the person on the other end of the line got serious. “No not tonight.” She heard a door open. ‘Tomorrow, I can be there at 10” She hung up quickly and grabbed the tray just as the men came in.’


“Where is the food Katerina?” Gus’s voice was low and extremely calm. She hated that voice that was the voice he used when he was angry. ‘Why did it take you so long?” She paled when his eyes flicked to the phone.


“I am sorry! “ She said quickly as she moved towards the boys. “I just realized we were out of cheese and had to see if we had any in the outside freezer.”: Please don’t check. She sat the plate down and most of the men grabbed some of the food.  She looked up at Augustus and found him studying her. She smiled and watched as he walked towards her, She tensed as he reached out and grabbed her  by the back of the head, her hands went to his chest to push him away but he was so much stronger than she was. She knew the other men were watching, not because they were going to help her, but because this kind of thing turned them on. They loved to watch Gus smack her around. It added to his tough guy reputation.


“You weren’t doing anything I should worry about were you Katerina.” he asked his hands tightening in her hair. He pushed her towards the counter and bent her over it, his hand on the phone. “you weren’t talking to anyone were you?”


“No Agustus.” She said, the edge of counter biting into her breasts as he pressed her hard against it, his body holding her in place. She could feel tears course down her cheeks as some of the other snickered and laughed.


“Then who were you talking to?” he whispered into her ear. She could feel his erection against her ass and felt even more shame.


“I wasn’t.” She said loudly enough so he could hear her. “I was singing.” She pushed back and felt his cock twitch against the soft flesh of her ass, that was not what she wanted, not here. Though she knew he wouldn’t mind the audience.


Suddenly she was free and she pushed up off the counter and saw Gus sitting down at the counter, he looked satisfied and Danny looked at her hungrily. She shivered and took a few shaky steps away from them.


“I’m going to bed.” She said as she started towards the door. Looking back they weren’t even watching her anymore not even Danny. Suddenly she regretted her call to the police. What would Gus do if he found out what she was going to do. She would hate to think about it.

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  • Skrawl Community Manager
    Skrawl Community Manager about 5 years ago

    Hi Mysti, my name is Allie. I am the community manager for Skrawl. This was really well written, nice job. One note: if your skrawl contains explicit or violent content, make sure to add a disclaimer. We will be launching this as a feature in the near future, but until then a written disclaimer would help warn younger users :)