Bit 1 Ah Ah Ah Ah Stayin' Alive, Stayin' Alive

The drugs were beginning to wear off.  The sound of the waves grew louder and louder forcing Will to open his eyes.  It had been several hours since he and Riley narrowly escaped Whispers and his henchmen and now the island has come into view.  "We are almost there," Riley assured, "I was worried that you would wake up to soon."

Thirty minutes later, the boat arrives at the island where Sven brings Will and Riley into a small cottage. They hurry inside to make sure that just in case the helicopter followed them, they wouldn't be seen.  Sven quickly locks the door, turns on the lights, and closes the shades.  Once inside, Will reaches for the medicine bag, rummaging through to find the vile of anesthesia. Riley grabs his arm and pulls it away from the bag "What are you doing? We are free now."

"We might be safe now, but Whispers can still access my thoughts while I am conscious," Will warns as he pulls his arm away from Riley.  While continuing to rummage through the bag, he finds the vial.  It's empty. He throws the vial across the room, shattering against the wall.  "Nobody is safe!"

"It's not your fault.  You couldn't have known he was in front of the elevator." Will turns around and Capheus is sitting on the couch.  "Besides, who designs an elevator out of glass?" Capheus jokes.  His lighthearted face turns serious as he looks around at the rest of the sensates sitting around the small room.  "Don't worry Will.  We are all here to help you." 

" You know," Wolfgang starts, "the only way to really be free from Whispers is to get rid of him.  Maybe it's not so bad if he comes to Will."

"Yes and no," Will replies. "Wolfgang is right about Whispers, but we don't want him here yet."  He paces the room thinking of a solution.  He begins to think out loud, " What about the others working for Whispers? It's more than just him, it's a whole organization."

Sun, standing by the fireplace, looks at Will, "By taking down the brains of the operation, the rest of the organization will collapse.  If my father went down, our whole company would have been brought down with him."

"Sun's right," Wolfgang replies. "We need to think of this one person at a time."



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