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Bit 4 At Gun Point

As soon as I accused Jarvis of not being himself--that's when I knew he was under the influence of the Micro Mind Blaster. He was sent to draw me from my room, distract me. That meant that any one of the shadows passing the coffee shop outside could be someone watching, waiting for me to be vulnerable.

Sweeney's hand trembled, the gun wavering like a flag in a crisp breeze. Even Jarvis cringed, his eyes trained on the weapon. I had a few seconds to determine my next course of action. I could never lead someone down to the docks. If the blaster was even there. But I could turn the tables. 

"What are you supposed to do next?" I asked Jarvis, hoping that the effects of the blaster would wear off. I missed my friend and our witty banter.

"I'm supposed to kill you." His voice slurred, a robotic sound, lacking emotion.

I leapt across the table and tackled him to the ground. "Keep a watch on the door, Sweeney."

We struggled briefly, but I soon had the apron-wearing butler pinned. With a quick jab to the side of the head--that I would apologize for over tea and biscuits--he lay unconscious. After brushing off my skirt and tugging down my jacket, I strode out the door into crisp evening air.

It had to happen. I waited. I expected it. It was the only next logical action.

But I wasn't fully prepared when the green laser of the blaster crossed my face. A buzzing sounded in my head. My thoughts turned to mush. Only one thought pulsed through.

Lead us to Howard Stark's hideaway home. Find his secret laboratory.

That drove me back inside the coffee shop and to the man who wanted to kill me. Only Jarvis knew where to find Stark's secret lab.

Bit 3

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