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Bit 3 Soft as putty

We settled into the booth, and a tired-looking waitress poured us two cups of muddy coffee. I wrinkled my nose. I much preferred the gourmet stuff they served down town, but this worked in a pinch.

"Can I get you folks anything else?" the waitress asked, glancing past me out the window.

My companion nodded. "A croissant, please."

She sighed as though he was asking for too much, and then retreated behind the counter to retrieve the pastry.

I added sugar to my black coffee before speaking again. "Now then. Why wake me up in the middle of the night on a wild goose chase. We both know the blaster is the stuff of legend. It doesn't really exist."

He nodded like he might nod at a child speaking of something she knew nothing about. "Not all legends are myths. Yes, it's the stuff of legend, but it exists."

"Impossible." I sipped my coffee.

He inhaled deeply, but put his hand up as I opened my mouth to say something else. The waitress brought the pastry, and didn't offer anything else. A few moments later, she was reading a paperback at the counter, but she eyed us warily every few seconds.

"Now," he whispered. "I need to impress upon you the danger of this mission. We are not the only ones after the blaster. It's safe enough for now, but we must retrieve it from its hiding place before midnight on Friday."

"You're joking." I laughed as I took another drink of coffee.

"You've gone soft, Agent Carter," he said, narrowing his eyes. "A year ago and you'd have  begged me to reveal the location." He glanced out the window before continuing. "Are you sure you're still in the game?"

"I'm enough in the game to know that you're not Edwin Jarvis."

He gasped. "Whatever do you mean? Of course I am."

"First of all..." I held up one finger. "Jarvis would never order pastry after midnight. And..." I held up my second finger. "Jarvis would never question my loyalty."

"You're insane, Agent." He leaned back against the vinyl. "What conspiracy theories have you been reading?"

"You've got five seconds to tell me who you really are, or my friend, Agent Sweeney over there..." I pointed at the waitress who had a trained her handgun on my companion. "...will fill you full of holes."

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