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I remember most of it. Details faded by time and my idle mind. But the dreams, they still come. The hesitance of your kiss, as your lips dance playfully near mine but never commit to the full indulgence. Your hunger was always your most appealing trait. Intoxicated by want, I would willingly step through doors best left unopened. Each time I said no more, you’d win me back by stitching words into the fabric of my heart.

Time has faded that thread. The first tight knots, painfully removed with precision and effort. Yet lately the remnants have lost their hold. I watch them fall in alleyways and back rooms and I say nothing. They were destined to be lost.

You have left a void that I do not wish to fill. I tongue the hole like a missing tooth, nostalgic for the absence now, as I was for your presence. I blush to think of how desire would consume me. The need for your attention made me reckless. It’s been so many years since you cut all ties. But I remember most of it. 

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  • Barbie 5x5
    Barbie 5x5 almost 5 years ago

    Thanks Allie!

  • Skrawl Community Manager
    Skrawl Community Manager almost 5 years ago

    have you ever heard of "spoken word"? this would be absolutely perfect for those type of events. this was really good.