"I personally would like to celebrate your decision. With food.", Linh said. We were walking to my car, after the ASB meeting, to get lunch. 

"I'll assume I'm paying.", I replied. She smiled goofily. I rolled my eyes, and made to get in the car when I suddenly heard someone yell my name. I turned to see a senior named Jonathan, calling me over. I tossed Linh the car keys, and went over to him.

"Heard you broke up with Dante.", he said. Apparently, everyone knew. I waited for him to continue. "We should hook up sometime, maybe Valentine's Day."

I hesitated. I saw Ryan, by his car which wasn't far away, maybe just a car over from Jon's. He seemed to have heard and was watching me. 

"I'm sorry, Jon. I'm going solo for a while.", I responded. I looked back at Ryan, who stared back. And then, I headed to my car.

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