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Chaz Smitherson

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Bit 2

As Hank passed through the first cortex he felt both pain and pleasure just like an orgasm. In the future Hank would tell his children that walking though a a field of tacks with no shoes as you eat cotton candy was how it felt. To his wife he would describe it very differently.

When he landed he felt different. Like he was swimming in syrup. He opened his eyes slowly incase he got an eyeful of syrup but to his surprise there was only air. The air was so thick and viscous that it held him up and he could float. "This is weird." He said but in this new world it sounded like a squirrel on helium.

Hank was suspended in the air and squeaking. A passing giant Rat squeaked back as if to answer and surprisingly Hank understood perfectly, "Hello there, you need to move as you re blocking traffic."

Hank turned and saw a line of fish as far as the eye could see in a queue waiting for him to move. Most of the fish had hats on.

" Oh I am terribly sorry" Hank said as he struggled to shift out of the way. It is very hard to move when you are floating and have never floated before.

"I say," Hand called out, "I think..."

Just as he started squeaking the interdimensional time bracelet pinged and he was gone...

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