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The Inter-Dimensional Adventures of Hank Cooper


The summer after Hank graduated from High School his father, who was a scientist at a private technologies lab, helped him get a job in the labs office building. Hank was part of a janitor crew that cleaned the front administration offices, at night. Hank spent most of his time sneaking off to places he wasn't supposed to go. He never found anything all that great because he couldn't get passed the security measures for the top secret labs in the basement. That all changed when Hanks curiosity drove him to steal his fathers security card and pass-code. That night Hank snuck down to the labs in the basement, the labs that had been filled with all sorts of treasures by his active imagination. What Hank found down there though was beyond anything even his imagination could have come up with.

Hank found the Inter-Dimensional Transporter. A small bracelet, when worn on the wrist, is capable of transporting that person to infinite worlds in alternate and parallel dimensions. The only problem for Hank Cooper was that when he slapped it on his wrist he had no idea how to work it and inadvertently set it to initiate randomly. Now Hank is stuck traveling through random dimensions and universes, hoping that one day the bracelet will return him home. Until that day he will have to do the best he can to survive and cope in his ever changing new surroundings.

Hanks first adventure begins now....


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