Bit 2 Sweet talk and sour plots

"Oh, Punkin Pie" Joker's voice was dripping with sweetness, enough to make even the most devoted of sugar cravers to wince back with uneasiness. Harley looked over at her beloved man, a smile spreading widely across her face at the sight of his pleasant mood.                                                                                                                   "Hiya, Mistah J"                                                                                                                                                 "Oh Harley", he cooed in a sing-song voice, "Harley-girl, sweetness, beloved, do you know what day it is?" He was trying really hard not to laugh at the feigned tenderness of his own voice.                                                                 "What day is it, Mistah J? I don't remember lookin' on tha calender and seein' any holidays"                                     Sweet-fluffy-chicken-feathered-mother-of-mercy, she was so oblivious!

"Oh but surely you remember, my pet. It;s a very special day... An anniversary of sorts..."                                        Her eyes widened with the realisation and she began hopping up and down with giddy excitement.                             "I know! Our five month anniversary! I've been with ya for five wonderful, glorious months Puddin!"                           Wonderful and glorious my bony food, he thought to himself darkly, but decied to keep the act going.                       "That's right. You're so clever, my sweet! And to celebrate, I got us something very nice..."                                      She blinked as he showed her a new, un-opened bottle of fine wine, a purple and green bow wrapped neatly around it. Her brow seemed to furrow slightly.                                                                                                                      "Uh, but Puddin'... I, umm, I don't really like to drink... I mean, my mom did it a lot after Papa died and..."                "Nonsense! It's a very special occasion. Come sit down ever here and try some. Finest in all of Gotham, if you ask me. And maybe when you're done, i'll give you a special surprise..."

Harley, not wanting to displease him, complied and held out a glass, watching cautiously as he poured the glimmering, alcoholic beverage. She sniffed at it like a curious puppy, but finally took a sip, smiling lovingly at him and he drank as well.                                                                                                                                     "How is it, Harl?"                                                                                                                                                "I like it, Mistah J. It's uh, yummy, I guess. I haven't really had a drink in a while"                                               "Poor Har-Har. No fun for a long time, huh?"                                                                                                         "Yeah... 'til you, Puddin'"                                                                                                                                     Hm. His smile faded a bit when she said that, for a moment, he almost fe lt guilty, Oh really, he thought reassuringly to himself, dont get too distracted, Joker, Old-boy. Remember, she's been driving you bonkers for so long!

Harley's glass was now empty and the clown grinned and refilled it with wine, watching with amusement as Harley's lip trembled slightly at the prospect of having to drink more. At last she weakened and drank down the second glass, prompting him to refill the glass again. Soon, she was beginning to sway slightly, a dopey smile spread across her face.

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