Introducing: Pages

A page gives you the power to create a writing community on whatever you want.

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Build Your Community

Build a writing community for your favorite book, TV show, or maybe your favorite superhero… whatever it is, create a Skrawl Page and get writers excited to collaborate, share ideas, and write!

Engage Your Fans, Gain New Ones

Engage your fans than through creative collaboration. Create a page to launch your new book, a page for your most popular characters, or a page to help develop a new idea. Whatever your need, Skrawl Pages are a great way to engage fans and build your brand.

Manage Your Own Writing Room

Having a "Closed Page" is like having your own virtual writing room (but without all of the paper and bad take out). Create a closed page and invite your peers or other writers to join you. Write cool stuff with cool people and publish it.