Writing On Skrawl

There are two ways you can write with Skrawl

Starting a new Skrawl

A skrawl is a writing project broken down into a series of chunks called 'Bits'. You can write each Bit yourself, or collaborate with friends and the community to create something unique.

Here we'll quickly walk you through creating your own Skrawl.

Click on the pen icon

To start a new Skrawl click on the pen icon located in the menu bar at the top of the page, give it a title and select the type:


Fiction or non-fictional stories from shorts through to epic serials!


Fiction or non-fictional scripts, anything from an outline to the next big TV show or film!


Reviews, opinion, news reports, personal articles, white-papers …

Describe your Skrawl

Set up a few details about the skrawl to help others find it:

  • Choose which category your Skrawl fits into
  • Add a cover image
  • Give your Skrawl a brief description
  • Tag your Skrawl

Decide who writes

Choose who writes the first bit - You can do it yourself, you can keep it within a private group of friends, or simply allow anyone from the Skrawl community to write.

Create something amazing by letting your fans, friends and others write the whole tale.

Or, maybe you're stuck on the 4th Chapter. Simply throw that Bit out to friends or the community.

Start Your Skrawl

Writing Yourself

When you Publish the first Bit your Skrawl will be published and seen by all. Add in more Bits and serialize your story to maximise readership.

Writing with Others

Select a minimum time for writing and voting and once you start it your Skrawl will be visible for others to start writing.

Share & Invite

To get the best results, share your work across social networks. Invite people to participate in both writing and voting. Build a fanbase around your project. Whether they write or vote, they feel as part of the creative process.

Each skrawl has it's own unique page - you can find your skrawls URL in the share panels of from the settings!

Now what happens?

Skrawl relies on the crowd to determine the best entries. And lets face it, using the power of the crowd can be really useful in generating some really cool stories.

How does voting work?

Join an existing Skrawl

There are plenty of Skrawls just waiting for your entry. Simply find one you like, read the previous Bits and then write your bit.

Choose a Skrawl

Skrawls range from debates to fan-fiction. Choose a Skrawl that best suits you.

Try a new writing style, a topic or genre you are not familiar with, Skrawl is a great place to experiment and have fun - after all writing should be a pleasure, right?

Write the next bit

Skrawls are broken into short chunks we call a Bit.

Read the previous bits to the Skrawl and decide what you want to happen next. Each Bit has a word limit so make sure to plan so you can fit it all in.

Submit your bit

Submit your entry before the closing date. Then sit back and wait for the voting to start. Good luck!

You can vote too! So be sure to join in and help direct the story (and find some great ideas along the way!)

How does voting work?