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A skrawl is a writing project broken down into a series of chunks called 'Bits'. You can write each Bit yourself, or collaborate with friends and the community to create something unique.

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Frequently Asked Questions – How Writing Works

Why do you have a word count?

Skrawl is a very collaborative website. Users have the option to bring other writers and readers into their story. They can do that by having a writing challenge, debate, join an article, etc. In a writing challenge, the same people who are submitting their entry to win the next part of the story, are also voting on other entries. The entry with the most votes wins. So hypothetically, if a writing challenge gets over a hundred entries, it might be a little overwhelming for the voters to read through hundreds of stories over 3000 words. In order to prevent that, we put the max to help all the writing that happens on skrawl to go more smoothly. For instance, writers can break their stories up into chunks to get more direct feedback, writing challenges are less overwhelming, debates are more "to the point" instead of long statements and so on.

Can I edit my Skrawl after it is published?

If you opted to write the Bit yourself, then you can edit it at any time (including after the Skrawl is published).

If the Bit has been run as a competition, then currently, the submitted entry is considered final work and cannot be edited.