With skrawl you decide how the story goes by reading entries and voting to find the best.

Anyone can vote and its quick and easy to do. Here we'll quickly walk you through the voting process.

How the voting process works

Once the writing period ends, and there are enough entries (there must be at least two per Bit), the voting period begins.

How it works is simple...

  • Skrawl will show you up to four randomized entries at a time.
  • read each of the entries and select which of them you think is the best.
  • You can keep viewing and voting on new sets untill you have read all the available entries.
  • In the interest of fairness you wont be shown your own entry.

Why show sets of up to 4?

Theoretically there could be hundreds of entries per bit. How could anyone effectively read through 100 entries and remember which one was the best?

This is why we serve up to four at a time.

This ensures every entry is being viewed and scored more objectively.

Why can’t I vote for myself?

Everybody likes to win, but where’s the fun in winning when there’s no real competition!

To make Skrawl fair, we allow you to only vote on other entries, but don’t worry, other people will be given the opportunity to view your bits and vote for them.

Maximize Votes

Here’s a tip for project owners. To ensure your project gets the best results, we suggest you maximize the number of voters.

Like any crowd sourcing application, the greater number of votes helps ensure the best outcome.

Share the fun

Anyone can vote on a Bit so make sure to share the love and tell others.

Share on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, through Email and more. You can find the Skrawl URL on the share panels or from the setting s page (if you created the Skrawl).