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With skrawl you decide how the story goes by reading entries and voting to find the best. Anyone can vote and its quick and easy to do.

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Frequently Asked Questions – How Voting Works

Why do I only get 4 Bits to vote on at a time?

A competition can have a small or large amount of participation. In order to keep the process simple we created an algorithm that shows a maximum of four Bits at a time. This prevents you from being overwhelmed with the volume of submissions.

Once you have read the the Bits that were given, you vote on one and then you will be given the opportunity to view a new set.

Can I get another set without voting on the current one?

Currently you are not able to skip a set of entries, you need to cast your vote in order to move onto the next.

Can I vote for my own submission?

No. In order to keep the voting competition fair we do not allow users to vote on their own entries.