noun, verb

Noun: Type of online writing project where people write, read, and vote on Bits of content. The best Bits piece together at the end to form a finished story.

Verb: To take part in a Skrawl collaboration.

how a skrawl works

At the heart of each skrawl is a simple, collaborative process, with just a hint of competition.

  1. Skrawl split into chunks

    Each Skrawl is broken down into a series of small chunks - we call these Bits.

  2. Write

    Anyone* can write and submit their version for the current Bit.

    * well, mostly! some skrawls have a fixed list of writers.

  3. Vote

    Everyone* then votes to find the best entry.

    * no really, absolutely any skrawl member can vote!

  4. Completed Skrawl

    This process repeats for each Bit until the story is complete.

skrawl anything

You can use Skrawl to write whatever story you like: generate ideas, reviews, biographies, novels, fan-fiction, the list is endless. If it can be written, it can be skrawled.

  1. Creative Writing

    Skrawl stories
  2. Articles

    Skrawl articles
  3. Debates

    Skrawl debates
  4. Business

    Skrawl business writing

anyone can skrawl

Whether you write, read or need help generating content, Skrawl is for you.

For writers

Grow and develop your writing talents & fan-base by taking part in Skrawls.

Whether you just love to write or you have something interesting to say, Skrawl is the perfect platform for you writers to collaborate and generate exciting stories.

For Readers

Don’t just read a story, interact and help shape it.

With Skrawl you help decide the direction of the story by reading and voting on the entries for each Bit.

For Content

Maybe you have a story but you can’t put it into words, or you don’t have the time or the knowledge to write it yourself. Simply start a skrawl and let the community write it for you.