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Frequently Asked Questions – How Skrawl Works

What is a "Skrawl" and a "Bit"?

A skrawl is a writing project broken down into a series of chunks called 'Bits'. You can write each Bit yourself, or collaborate with friends and the community to create something unique.

At the end of the process the Skrawl's winning Bits come together to form the completed story, article or piece.

Is Skrawl only for fan-fiction?

No. Fan-Fiction just happens to be our most popular category on Skrawl. You can write about anything you like! We encourage all types of writing, from stories to debates!

Do you allow explicit Skrawls?

We do not put any restrictions on what users can post, however, we do ask that if your story contains explicit, violent or provocative content that you add a disclaimer in the description or the first Bit. We would like to protect some of the users on Skrawl that might be sensitive to that content or are under the age of 18.

Example disclaimer:
Disclaimer: This story may not be suitable for younger readers. It may contain explicit, violent or provocate content. User discretion is advised.

My work was posted on here by someone without my permission, what do I do?

Stolen work is a rare occurrence on Skrawl, but if it does happen, please let us know immediately so we can help resolve the issue. Please contact Skrawl’s community manager Allie Daniel, at allie@boomwriter.media

What are Skrawl points for?

You gain Skrawl points based on the amount you are active on our site. For example, when you join writing competitions, open skrawl up to collaborations, etc. The list is endless! Also, the higher the amount of Skrawl points you have, the higher up on searches you will be.

Can I change my account name?

Yes, it is very simple. You can change your account name by going to your “profile”, then clicking “about” and lastly “edit”. Don’t forget to save your changes.

Can I hide my Skrawl after it is published?

If you no longer want other users to see your work, you “archive” it. The skrawl will only be visible to yourself and those who have contributed or won a bit. You can find it on your personal profile.