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Unexpectedly Script
IG started by:
Ian Garland

Unexpectedly is the first screenplay to come from the Skrawl Writing Room. Written by...

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Page: Screenwriters Room Challenge
Star Wars: Order 66 Fanfiction
Steve Zaragoza started by:
Steve Zaragoza

Skrawl's Writing Challenge! Join this untold story of how Darth Vader earned his...

133 34
Belladonna, "A Very Tookish Adventure" Fanfiction
Trisha  Hershberger started by:
Trisha Hershberger

Belladonna Took's adventure would take her out of the Shire, for the first time. She...

12 21
State Terror and Police Crime Article
Professor Twyman-Ghoshal started by:
Professor Twyman-Ghoshal

Welcome to Week 9 Skrawl! Week 9 Skrawl is about state terror and police crime. Make...

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Page: CRM 400A Crimes of the Powerful Spring 2016
Google Nexus 9 review: A powerful tablet made for everyone
Paul Smith started by:
Paul Smith

There are many wonderful things about Google’s Nexus 9. Its 64-bit Tegra K1 processor...

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I Am Alice Fanfiction
SD started by:
Shannon Delany

I knew the man you’ve surely read as Lewis Carroll when he was someone else entirely...

22 59
Cinderella Assassin Fanfiction, Mystery
Laura Pauling started by:
Laura Pauling

Cinderella stood at the edge the ballroom. Her formal gown swished at her ankles. It...

30 50
Princess Bride - The Lost Sister Fanfiction
Laura Pauling started by:
Laura Pauling

Wesley had a sister. She's tired of hearing about Wesley's bravery. She wants her own...

5 20
Charmed - The Teen Years Fantasy, Fanfiction
KG started by:
Katy George

“Don’t let Gram know,” Phoebe said. She filled her bookbag and packed her lunch. “You...

2 20
Percy Jackson - The Disaster Date Fanfiction
Ansha Kotyk started by:
Ansha Kotyk

The problem with being a demigod is that things like dates with girlfriends turn out...

5 14
Joy Wieder started by:
Joy Wieder

Dillon is being sent away from his family and friends, but mostly from his abusive...

4 11
Snow White Spy Fanfiction
Laura Pauling started by:
Laura Pauling

Snow White completes her duty as a spy to enter the Princess Protection Program and...

4 10
Joy Wieder started by:
Joy Wieder

Even with my eyes completely open, it was pitch black. I stuck out my arm, groping to...

3 8
The Hunger Games: Germ Warfare Fanfiction
Joy Wieder started by:
Joy Wieder

President Snow has released a deadly virus and Katniss Everdeen is in quarantine in...

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Why did we create Skrawl? Article
Chris Twyman started by:
Chris Twyman

what we do

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Not Knowing Fanfiction
Judith Tewes started by:
Judith Tewes

It's Doctor Who meets Supernatural when Clara and the Twelfth Doctor encounter a...

2 13
Sherlock in OZ Fanfiction
Laura Pauling started by:
Laura Pauling

Sherlock solves a murder in the land of OZ.

1 8
Raising the Minimum Wage Discussion
Keith Woodward started by:
Keith Woodward

Raising the minimum wage has been a controversial topic since its inception. Now is the...

4 6
Star Wars: Rise of the Force Fanfiction
W.p. Huntington started by:
W.p. Huntington

It is five thousand years since the battle of Endor, and three thousand years since the...

1 5
The Last Man on Earth Horror
Greg Fishbone started by:
Greg Fishbone

The last man on Earth sat alone in his room. There was a knock at the door...

3 5
Trek Elementary: The Dilithium Candy Caper Fanfiction
Greg Fishbone started by:
Greg Fishbone

In an alternate Star Trek universe, Jimmy Kirk and the students of Trek Elementary are...

6 4
An Adventure of Samwise Gamgee Fanfiction
Jd Anthony started by:
Jd Anthony

An adventure of Samwise Gamgee

4 4
Warehouse 13: Kryptos Fanfiction
Kris Asselin started by:
Kris Asselin

Pete and Myka race to solve the puzzle of the statue at CIA headquarters and then solve...

3 4
Bad Series Finales: Do They Color The Whole TV Show? Discussion
Ashleigh West started by:
Ashleigh West

May contain spoilers ;)

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Jenny Flint's Escape Fanfiction
Kris Asselin started by:
Kris Asselin

Jenny Flint is tired of constantly taking directions from her wife, Madame Vastra. She...

1 3
Ned Stark. Before a King Fanfiction
Keith Woodward started by:
Keith Woodward

Before House Stark, Ned developed elite fighting skills at a very early age under the...

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Time Thief Fanfiction
DW started by:
Danielle Watson

After school was the best part of the day, and going outside to play kickball in the...

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In Defense of Ben Affleck as Batman Article
Ashleigh West started by:
Ashleigh West


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An American Wolverine In London Fanfiction
Sammy Taylor-Holmes started by:
Sammy Taylor-Holmes

Logan wakes up in unfamiliar surrounds with no memory of the crime he committed the...

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The Great Missed Muscle Car Opportunity - Ford Mustang Article
KH started by:
Ken Haynes

Jump in and share your thoughts on the evolution of the Ford Mustang, one generation of...

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